Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not as Cute as Stacey Dash's Pictorial...

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But Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon still looks good! I am really digging the rhinestones, too!


afro jamaicano said...

u need to not look @ those pics or ull turn str8t haha

her body is hott and i luv those braille bump nipples!! she was like 2 months preggers when she posed for this shih!

she approaching 40 but she's hotter than msot girls nowadays!

Anonymous said...

*Pulls out my Beedazzler and some fishnet*

She is killin it though.

When did you start posting pics of women over here?!? I need my daily eye candy!!

*Jumps out the box to scroll down further for sexy boy flicks*

Anonymous said...

((Thursday Nite Fever
You can't fuck with me, so just leave me alone!))

I love the title! I just noticed that!! CoCo, you slay my ass everytime I come here! lmaooo!

S.K. said...

Who knew Rhinestones where the key to you heart??

BTW it feels weird that your looking at a g**l.

Coco LaRue said...


I rebuke your usage of "braille nipples."


Coco LaRue said...

@ Tittay,

Don't worry... More sexy man pics are on their way!

Coco LaRue said...

@ TB,

It's payback for all the times you have destroyed my soul.

Coco LaRue said...

@ SK,

I'm not looking at her. I was actually looking at her wig, make-up, jewelry, and shoes. Ain't nobody turning me straight!