Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It Was Prol'ly a Crackhead that Got Holt to the Wrong Stuff

Man Calls 911 to Save Him From Police

A 38-year-old man was arrested after he called 911 and told a dispatcher he was surrounded by police officers and needed help, authorities said.

Police officers met Dana Farrell Shelton after being called to investigate a disturbance at a bar on Sunday but had found no problems and told him to move along.

Shelton, who officers said appeared intoxicated, then called 911 to report he was "surrounded by Largo police," according to an arrest affidavit.

"Our officers were standing there scratching their heads. He called, standing there in their presence," Largo Sgt. Melanie Holley said. "It's one of our 'truth is stranger than fiction' cases."

Shelton was charged with misdemeanor misuse of 911. The charge carries maximum penalties of one year in jail and $1,000 in fines.


CHIC NOIR said...

You are trying to kill me with that video Coco.

Coco LaRue said...

It stole my soul, too!

afro jamaicano said...

officially bodied by that video!! wtf was up with that girls arms? haha was she doing the rock? the wave? the stationary running man? haha

Coco LaRue said...

I want to share this video with everyone I know, it's a beautiful thing!